REMODULE, Stay Tuned!

⚡️ Welcome to our new profile! ⚡️ What is Remodule? A new start-up but above all the dream of a more sustainable future for our planet 🌍Our goal? Providing the cells for the accumulators of the future 🔋How? Solving today’s problems with tomorrow’s solutions 🎯 Are you curious? Keep up to know more about usContinua a leggere “REMODULE, Stay Tuned!”

Remodule’s Website is now Online!

Remodule’s staff is glad to announce that the brand new website is now online for you all! Let’s discover the new website! It is divided in five main sections of interests: Home, with our mission and latest articles of the website; Team, with the key point of strength of Remodule’s project, its staff; History, withContinua a leggere “Remodule’s Website is now Online!”